Rolex replica UK unveiled the Day-Date Baselworld in 1956. The new watch featured Rolex’s groundbreaking Datejust technology that was supplemented by the addition of a day window. From the get go, the luxury fake Rolex Day-Date was manufactured in precious metals only, including yellow, white and pink gold and platinum. The first references available were the 6510 and 6511 and then in 1957 the second series came in references 6611 (with a coin edge bezel), 6612 (with smooth bezel) and 6613 that was made in platinum in very small numbers. In 1960 the iconic perfect copy Rolex reference 1803 was launched which was again available in yellow, white and pink gold as well as the reference 1804 in platinum. Whilst there had been some diamond setting on the earlier models, it was with the 1800 series that high quality replica Rolex really began to experiment and push the boundaries.

In 1977 the 1:1 fake Rolex Day-Date underwent something of a makeover. The first change was the introduction of a quick-set date change and the second was the introduction of a sapphire crystal. It was still in a 36mm case and the metal options were unchanged, but it was an update none-the-less. The five-digit Swiss made replica Rolex Day-Date, however, heralded a new chapter in the gem setting of the watch dials. The “eight plus two” dials were still used extensively, but this look was supplemented by a wide range of new styles. Special order super clone watches UK had always been available and so there are unique examples from the 1800 series watches, but the main aim of this piece is to give a general overview of what was produced in regular production. The exciting thing about AAA quality replica Rolex is that every year new, previously unseen examples surface.

Pave dials also came into use. One of my favourite iterations is the paved chapter ring. Essentially this was a precious metal ring that continued in the same thickness as the day window around the inner circumference of the dial and it was paved with diamonds. The chapter ring would be highlighted at the hours with brilliant cut stones, including diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

The full pave dial is a cheap fake Rolex Classic. Who doesn’t love a full dial of sparkling stones? Still in use today in Rolex sports watches, the full pave dial’s maiden voyage was on the Swiss movement copy Rolex Day-Date. Rolex takes gem-setting very seriously, much like everything else that they do. They only employ the very best artisans who can flawlessly carry out the work and insist on the highest possible quality of stones for use on their replica watches online uk. All the diamonds used, even the tiniest for full pave dials, must include zero inclusions when checked at 10x magnification. Each stone is checked by eye and compared with master stones to ensure only the finest examples make it onto watches – Swiss movement fake Rolex even has its own proprietary tools to ensure each stone is of uniform shape. The cut used for pave dials is known as the 8/8 cut, which has a total of 17 facets.

The Rolex Day-Date replica for sale used considerably more types of stone for its dials and I’m not sure anybody, other than top Swiss fake Rolex, could compile a thoroughly exhaustive list of all the stones used in the Rolex Day-Date super clone. However, what follows is about as close as it is possible to get with full access to the UK copy Rolex archive.

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