Matt. I hear you. You made your case. But I would never, ever, remove the bracelet from my perfect fake Rolex Submariner ref. 114060 – or any Rolex copy uk for that matter. I cry blasphemy here not because a rubber strap looks particularly bad on the luxury fake watch, in fact I concede it looks fine and is probably very comfortable if you can affix your clasp to the strap to, in the case of the Rolex Submariner replica online, maintain the level of adjustability offered by GlideLock. But I just couldn’t do it to my cheap replica Rolex Submariner. More often than not, I am known to be a factory configuration purist, the only exception swapping a factory leather for an aftermarket offering of higher quality or a better fit for my smaller sized wrist. In my opinion, since a super clone Rolex is so hard to source these days, once one arrives in your collection isn’t it worth appreciating the full experience the crown offers? Let me explain…

Swiss made copy Rolex bracelets are heavily tied to the models they are outfitted on, so much so that each has a name everyone in the 1:1 fake watches community knows: Jubilee, Oyster, and President/Presidential. To remove them is like removing jelly from the equation of a PB&J sandwich – sure a peanut butter sandwich would taste just fine, but wouldn’t you miss the jelly? Yes, I know Sean Connery sported his Swiss movement copy Rolex Submariner on a NATO strap, but were I to look for one at auction I would definitely search for a complete model and its riveted bracelet. These bracelets also are finished quite well, the satin-brush executed on the Oyster bracelet is very rich compared to what you would find from competing brands such as Omega. I understand how it can be fun to further personalise a watch and make it your own, but best quality replica Rolex designs are some of the most counterfeited or replicated in the world and this is, in part, because of the strength of the factory designs and their appeal to the marketplace.

Another quick example of this sentiment: seeing a Royal Oak or Nautilus on leather. These are even factory configurations, but in my opinion they just do not look at home on a strap – especially when you consider how many hours go into hand finishing the bracelet.

The luxurious heft of a Rolex
Part of the modern top replica Rolex uk experience is the precious metal like heft of their highly robust 904L stainless steel, and by removing the bracelet you are stripping the luxury fake watch of its weight and feel. Especially now, with the bracelet links being solid versus hollow, the bracelet offers a solidity and heft unparalleled in the industry. Being so used to the bracelet and how comfortable and luxurious it feels, I feel like nothing else would stack up to the experience offered by its factory configuration.

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