Most of you know the luxury of UK reliable copy Rolex watches, but do you know the name origin of Rolex? Some famous watch brands are named after the founders, products or companies, while Rolex is different. There are two sayings, and the second one is more credible.

Hans Wilsdof is the founder of Rolex brand.
Hans Wilsdof

The first saying is about the founder Hans Wilsdof. Once he traveled to England, and hear the word “Rolex” in the bus, so he used it for the Swiss accurate Rolex replica watches.

The second saying is better adaptable for the brand quality. The word of “Rolex” is a combined word, which is combined with “horological” and “excellence”. By using “rol” of horological and “ex” of excellence, the brand name Rolex means the excellent horologes, which lays the foundation for the excellence of the best quality fake watches forever.

Swiss knock-off watches are sturdy and functional.
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Furthermore, the gold and green colors are applied for the Rolex logo, so the AAA Swiss Rolex super clone watches for sale online can interpret richness and prosperity. Moreover, the crown means “aiming at new conquests”.

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