There was a time — a long time, actually — during which if someone wanted a GMT watch, there weren’t too many options out there.

There was of course the perfect fake Rolex GMT-Master (and, from 1983 onward, the GMT-Master II); there were numerous, more expensive haute horlogerie world time complications from the likes of Patek Philippe et al; there was the vintage 24-hour Glycine Airman of Vietnam War-era fame; and there were others. Not many others, really.

Now, though? Now, we’re in the Golden Age of the GMT(™). These days, everyone and their mother is making a dual-time super clone watch for sale uk, and, most excitingly, many of them are relatively affordable, hitting right around the $1,000-$1,500 mark. Up until recently, this type of pricing meant that one was getting what noted watch journalist James Stacey has helpfully dubbed a “caller” GMT — a type that is well suited to tracking a second time zone that one isn’t currently located in, as it allows for independent jumping of the GMT hand. However, now we’re beginning to see the advent of more of what Stacey has named ‘flyer” GMTs — the Swiss made replica Rolex type, which allows for quick jumping of the local hour hand, and thus makes it a cinch to adjust to a new time zone upon landing.
Whatever your preference — “caller” or “flyer” — the news is good: GMT fake watches for sale are everywhere, they’re affordable, and they’ve permeated the zeitgeist to the extent that brands are motivated to offer them. Here, we’re going to survey some of these newer GMTs (as well as some fan favorites), but before we do, a little history lesson is in order…

Still the golden standard in GMT-equipped watches, the modern luxury fake Rolex GMT-Master II recently received an interesting, left-of-center addition to its lineup in the form of the “destro” (left-handed) reference 126720VTNR green-and-black bezel model. Whether you opt for the traditional “Pepsi” bezel, the newer “Batman” bezel, or a special copy watch like the white gold, meteorite-dial version, wearing a GMT projects a very particular message: It either says, “I travel frequently and I use this to retain a semblance of order in my life,” or, “I am wealthy and I would like you to acknowledge that fact.” (Sometimes both.) Pro tip: Glancing at someone’s best 1:1 replica Rolex GMT-Master II to see if it’s actually set properly is a good indicator as to which extreme the wearer belongs.

Diameter: 40mm 
Case Material: Oystersteel; white gold; Everose gold; two-tone Oystersteel and Everose 
Movement: Rolex Calibre 3285 automatic
Strap: Oystersteel, white gold, Everose gold or two-tone Oyster bracelet; Oystersteel Jubilee bracelet 

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