Luxury replica watches uk are now more than just a status symbol, they are fast becoming an attractive investment opportunity thanks to the fact that their value appreciates over time.

According to co-founder of Luxity, South Africa’s largest pre-owned luxury reseller, Michael Zahariev, buyers of these assets can secure their money in the short term and earn a huge profit when they decide to resell a few years later.

“This phenomenon has been seen with other luxury accessories like the Hermès Birkin, which cost $2,000 in 1984 but $13,200 in 2022. Likewise, the Chanel Medium Classic Flap price went from $220 in 1955 to $8,800 in 2022,” said Zahariev.

The same is true for some of Luxity’s most valuable investment watches, including the cheap replica Rolex Yatch Master. The watch is on the market for R300,000 new, but now sells for almost half a million rand.

“This perfect fake Rolex UK is currently retailing for R300,000 but due to shortage of supply and long waitlists, it often sells for a premium on the pre-owned market. It is currently listed on Luxity for R450 000,” Zahariev told Business Insider SA.

The best 1:1 replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner, on the other hand, also sold for R200,000 in November 2021. It currently retails for R240,000, a 20% return in less than a year.

Zahariev explained that AAA Rolex fake watches have outperformed gold, real estate, and even the Dow Jones Industrial Average over the past decade.

“There are several reasons for this, but chief among them is price stability driven by a discrepancy in supply and demand.

“With watch manufacturers producing limited numbers of certain replica watches for sale uk to ensure exclusivity and quality, this intensifies both desirability and demand and, in turn, affects prices,” he said.

Even in economic turmoil, luxury copy watches typically retain their value or even appreciate, according to wealth management and capital preservation company UrHandleren Invest.

“During the initial stages of the pandemic, for instance, production ground to a halt which meant that there were even fewer watches on the market, thereby increasing their allure.

“Now, with the Russia-Ukraine crisis affecting the prices and availability of precious metals used in the creation of these Swiss movement replica watches, this is pushing their value up even further. That said, investment is a long-term game so whatever is happening now shouldn’t be a concern,” Zahariev said.

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