Whether you get yourself luxury Rolex Day-Date replica watches because of its prestige and reputation in the industry or because you truly admire its refined and excellent craftsmanship — rest assured that you’re getting yourself a certified classic. With its prestige, panache, and precision, the Rolex Presidential will surely last you a lifetime!

Replica Rolex Day-Date Ref. 6510 and Ref. 6511 Watches

Introduced in 1956 — in particular, Ref. 6510 and Ref. 6511 — the UK AAA fake Rolex Day-Date watches was released more than a decade after its predecessor, the Rolex Datejust, was launched in the market. So, how does the Day-Date differ from the Datejust, you ask? Although the new collection was presented in the same 36mm Oyster case, with fluted bezel, a date complication, and automatic movement, the biggest difference was the introduction of a new complication: a day of the week spelt out and displayed in full at 12 o’clock.

The original Day-Date also featured a new bracelet specially designed for the collection. It had a semi-circular three-piece and equipped with a Crownclasp, Rolex’s concealed clasp. Over the years, the bracelet has become distinct and eventually known as the President Bracelet. At three o’clock, the perfect Rolex copy watches also featured a date display, complete with the classic Rolex cyclops.

Fake Rolex Day-Date Ref. 6611 Watches

The first two models lasted in production for only a year and were replaced by the new Ref. 6611. This new model was now equipped with an improved COSC-certified Calibre 1055 movement with a frequency rate of 18,000 beats per hour. This allowed the brand to have the “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified” (SCOC) label on the dial of the new models — a first in the top replica Rolex’s line of watches to have the SCOC label on the dial.

From the previous Dauphine hands of its original models, the Swiss made super clone Rolex Ref. 6611 watches now featured Alpha-style hands with a champagne dial in a 36mm yellow gold case. It also came with a yellow gold President bracelet and featured a fluted bezel. Just like the first two original models, however, Ref. 6611’s existence was short-lived. After a couple of years, it was replaced by the Ref. 1800 Series.

Rolex Day-Date Ref. 1807 Replica Watches

The next version of the AAA China replica Rolex Day-Date watches is the Ref. 1800 series, featuring an array of different dial and bezel options, as well as various bracelet textures. The most iconic of which is the ‘bark’ bezel and the President ‘bark’ bracelet. As its name suggests, the bark finish features the same texture you see in the bark of a tree.

Unlike the first two versions of the Rolex Presidential, the Ref. 1800 series enjoyed a longer presence in the Day-Date journey. It underwent movement upgrades and was available all throughout the late 1970s.

In particular, Ref. 1807 features a bark-finished bezel and a President bark bracelet. This yellow gold best Rolex fake watches in 36mm looks like it had an unpolished bezel with a champagne dial. At its heart beats the automatic Calibre 1556 movement.

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