Today’s model is a luxury fake Rolex GMT-Master II. The 75th season of the NBA culminated last night with the Golden State Warriors trouncing the Celtics in Boston and hoisting the Larry O’Brien championship trophy for the fourth time in eight years. Steph Curry, who spent the night draining three-pointers from somewhere in New Hampshire, won the Finals MVP award. And in a touching, made-for Father’s Day weekend moment, the first person he celebrated with was his Dad, former NBA sharpshooter (and current analyst for the Charlotte Hornets) Dell Curry. ⁣

To mark the occasion, Dell sported his UK AAA fake Rolex GMT-Master II Batman.
“He’s just proud,” said a visibly emotional Steph of his dad in the post-game interview. ⁣

We, in turn, are proud to see Dell wearing the Batman. This particular Swiss made replica Rolex GMT is a low-key Father’s Day favorite around the office, as evidenced by Danny’s pair of stories – not to mention Jon Bues’ choice of the Batman as an ideal birth-year super clone watch uk.

Also, speaking of dads, Curry is one of four Warriors players whose father also played in the NBA – the other three being Gary Payton II, son of Hall of Famer Gary Payton, Sr.; Andrew Wiggins, son of former shooting guard Mitchell Wiggins; and Klay Thompson, son of two-time NBA Champion Mychal Thompson (and a Tissot ambassador).

Hoops, high quality replica watches, and dads – a beautiful way to kick off Father’s Day weekend.

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