A new “Coke” GMT-Master II

It has gotta happen at some point, sort of like the collapse of Western civilization or the resurgence of Beanie Babies as an investment vehicle. We’re due, right? If I’m doing my math correctly — and, for the record, I was a music major, so I can really only count to four before I have to start over — there hasn’t been a black-and-red “Coke” Rolex GMT-Master II replica for sale in the catalog since the discontinuation of the reference 16710 in 2007. So we’re waiting for one in the new 40mm Super case with a black dial the the Rolex Calibre 3285 movement. On a Jubilee bracelet. We’ll wait, best 1:1 super clone Rolex. We’re patient. We’ve been waiting for fifteen f***ing years now!

AAA fake Rolex UK could do any number of things here: It could issue one in Oystersteel on a Jubilee or, just to keep us on our toes, on an Oyster bracelet. (The steel “Pepsi” and blue-and-black “Batman” are currently available on both bracelet types.) Or, it could issue one on white gold, sort of like the white gold “Pepsi” with blue dial from 2014. No matter how they do it, we’re here for it; bring us that Coke, Swiss made replica Rolex.

An updated Air King — or, a discontinued Air King
Cool your jets. Yes, I’m making the exact same argument I just made for the cheap copy Rolex Milgauss. Yes, it’s partially because I’m lazy. But it’s also because I’m right — twice. Hear me out: The 40mm 1:1 super clone Rolex Air King that’s been in the Rolex catalog since 2016 is uglier than a naked mole-rat. It uses an old 31XX-series movement. And yet it still costs over $7,000. In short, this watch needs help. Or it needs to go.

But bear with me, here. The perfect fake Rolex Air King used to be a beautiful watch. For decades it honored the contributions of Allied pilots during WWII in 34mm of pure, entry-level Rolex goodness. References such as the 5500 are incredibly handsome watches, and great value. For the love of all that is holy, best quality fake Rolex should cancel this collection or bring it back in this form — the 1960s/1970s form with “Air King” in that cool, midcentury, subtle cursive font. Would it conflict with the Oyster Perpetual line? Yes. Would people buy the shit out of it? YES. I’m not saying Swiss movement super clone Rolex will do something like this — admittedly, this is less of a prediction and more of a wish. But something is going to happen with the Air King. At the very least it needs a new 32XX-series movement.

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