Rolex is a leading watch brand, not only accurate and durable, but also related to the wealth. American Business Week listed Rolex as one of the most valuable globe 100 brands. Today, we take a look at the 15 most luxury super clone Rolex watches.

No.15: Gold Case Fake Rolex President 69178 Lady Watches

This fake Rolex watch without any dazzling diamonds and exaggerated decoration, in addition to its unique deep blue dial, that seems to be nothing special. The dial seems to be enamel, and the time scale also with a little characteristic. Till now, the 1:1 quality fake Rolex watches also full of charming for women.

No.14: Diamond Scale Fake Rolex Daytona With Leopard Print

This replica Rolex Rolex Daytona with leopard print with 18K yellow gold case, and upon the dial that decorated with diamond scale, for the bezel that inlaid with 36 square yellow sapphire, and for the said of the case that inset with 48 diamonds. The combination of the wild leopard and luxuriant gem that looks very luxurious and also very individually.

No. 13: Gold Case Fake Rolex Pearlmaster 80298 Lady Watches

Seeing from the whole diamond bezel replica Rolex Pearlmaster 80298 lady watches UK, that adopted the 18K gold material, and for the bezel that inlaid with huge diamonds, shining and dazzling. Upon the champagne dial, that is the diamonds scale, looking very luxurious under the setting off the gold.

No. 12: Gold Bracelet Replica Rolex President 118238 Watches

The fake Rolex President 118238 watches also with the black diamonds one, this one just the gold one which was very popular in 1980s.

No.11: Black Dial Fake Rolex Double Red Sea Dweller Watches

For me, this fake Rolex Double Red Sea-Dweller watch not just a watch, it also is the best evidence to proved that human science and technology innovation has been to explore the deep blue sea. These fake Rolex watches adopted the Mark IV dial with the “Sea-Dweller” and “Submariner 2000” red printing words.

No. 10: Name: White Scale Replica Rolex Submariner Which Designed For Cartier

Rolex had specially created two watches for Cartier. One of them is the fake Rolex Double Red Sea-Dweller watches, another is the replica Rolex Submariner.

No.9: Ninth: Black Bezel Fake Rolex Submariner Steve McQueen 1967

In 1960s to 1970s, famous Hollywood movie star, Steve Mcqueen, who had the highest paid in the United States, and also the owner of the “the most popular actor” of Golden Globe, had worn the best Rolex Submariner super clone watches on Le Mans which showed on 1971.

No.8: White Gold Case Fake Rolex Pearlmaster 18956 Watches

This replica Rolex watch launched in 2011, using the white gold material to create the case and bracelet, and also decorated with the diamonds in the middle of the bracelet, rolex launched in 2011, is in a range of Special Editon, adopts platinum material makes the watch case and bracelet. The most special thing that happened to this precious fake Rolex watch is that the dial is created by aerolite.

No.7: Red Dial Fake Rolex Oyster Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman Watches

The steel case fake Rolex Oyster Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman watches have been widely sought after by collectors, and also are the aspirational watches for the watch fans. This red dial fake watch was wore by Paul Newman in the film.

No. 6: Yellow Scale Fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watches That Designed For India’S First President

India’s first President, Rajendra Prasad, is the master of this watch, it launched in the first day of the republic of India in 1950.

No.5: Bond’s Stainless Steel Case Fake Rolex 5513 In 1973

What did Bond wear in the first appearance of the screen? That just the fake Rolex Submariner Ref. 6204. However, this black bezel replica Rolex watch is the watch that worn by Roger Moore in “Live and Let Die”. It is not only a props of Bond, but also his lifesaving tool.

No.4: Diamond Dial Fake Rolex GMT Master 116769 TBR Watches

This diamond replica Rolex watch is very rare, using the white gold material, and the dial design is very special just like the wave, and also adopting the luminous scale.

No.3: Silver Dial Replica Rolex Eric Clapton 1971 Daytona Watches

Eric Clapton, the famous British rock stars, blues guitarist, singer and composer was one of the first collectors in music circle. This elegant fake Rolex watch had worn in the play for many times.

No.2: Steel Case Replica Paul Newman Daytona Watches

This fake Rolex watch always very popular in the market for the hong history and of course for the wearer, Paul Newman.

No. 1: Brown Leather Strap Replica Rolex Rattrapante 1942 Watches

This delicate fake Rolex watch is the most expensive Rolex watches for now, that just a common steel watch. May be for the complicated Rattrapante function so called this.

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