Until 2022, the Genevan foundation of the brand flaunted indifference, if not annoyance, towards some secondary market dynamics beyond its control. But remaining a mere spectator of the exchanges of second-hand parts would have been too expensive. In terms of business and image. Thus, high quality Rolex replica watches has decided to enter the second-hand market, according to its rules.

At the end of the past year, AAA UK Rolex fake watches surprised everyone by announcing its entry into the so-called “second wrist” market. The attitude held by the Genevan foundation towards the second-hand market until last December 2022 had always been characterized by an indifference that was often not sufficient to conceal the annoyance for some market dynamics that were beyond its control. Perfect replica Rolex watches certainly had to acknowledge that it could not remain mere spectators in the face of a market that is estimated to double the current 20 billion Swiss francs in sales volumes over the next seven years.

Rolex no longer snubs the used market

This unexpected entrance was very Rolex style. This is a program called Certified pre-Owner to which only official dealers can join, primarily exclusively the Swiss company Bucherer A.G. The program is limited to all luxury Rolex copy watches for which at least three years have passed since the first purchase. Therefore the second-hand market expands, growing thanks to the proposal of cheap Rolex replica watches that are not only verified internally and externally, but also revised and certified at the end with the Certified pre-Owner stamp, which constitutes an interesting set of documents capable of unequivocally confirming the authenticity of the Rolex to which it is matched, as well as a two-year guarantee.

The effect on the prices of the Bucherer Certified Pre-Owned price lists was immediate and significant. To date, 1:1 top fake Rolex GMT-Master II watches (black bezel) is available (although virtually unobtainable) at a list price just under 11,000 euros. The same watch can also be found on the “second wrist” market for around 14,000 euros. But if you wanted to buy it with all the Rolex certification kit from a Bucherer dealer, you would have to shell out 19,000 euros.

From an insurance point of view, this dystonia almost constitutes a paradoxical dynamic. Expressed by the different valuations quoted by each of the various sales channels, it can undermine the compensation effectiveness of all risks policies for the watch collection. In fact, an insurance product against all risks of material loss of the Swiss movements Rolex super clone watches (accidental damage, theft, robbery, loss, etc.) must necessarily include an assessment basis consistent with commercial trends.

In recent years now, given the excellent trends and the increase in performance recorded, the synchronization of the insurance values with the commercial ones is recommended at least once a year to avoid that in the event of an accident the compensated amount is not sufficient to buy back the asset lost or stolen. But the question that must be asked in order to guarantee the best insurance protection is: which is the reference market (among those seen in this article) which must be referred to in order to correctly set up one’s policy? Certainly, taking Rolex’s primary market price list as a reference would allow the insurance costs of the replica Rolex watches for sale to be contained by up to 30%; but, on the other hand, it would expose them to compensation wholly or partially incapable of guaranteeing the so-called right of replacement.

If, on the other hand, the primary objective is to guarantee maximum compensation effectiveness and the prompt replacement of the asset, then my personal advice is to align the insurance values of your policies with those resulting from the market expressed by the Rolex Certified Pre-Owned. Only with this foresight will it be possible to be certain that the financial consideration of the compensation will be able to put the injured party in a position to be able to go on the market and effectively identify 2023 Rolex replica watches in all respects similar to the lost one, without excessive expectations and frustrations of any kind.

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