The Premium Time Company was founded in 2022 by Gavin Matheson and Floortje Matheson-Selis – two passionate watch enthusiasts frustrated by how hard it has become to buy new best Rolex replica watches.

They came up with a way to help customers to get to the front of the queue and acquire the 1:1 UK Rolex fake watches of their dreams for a fraction of the price.

The premise is simple: The Premium Time Company runs weekly competitions to win brand new cheap replica Rolex watches, timepieces that normally have waiting lists in the years if you were to purchase via official Rolex dealers.

Competitions are normally capped at around 650-700 tickets in total, so the odds are very good. (You have odds of 260,000,000:1 to win Powerball compared to 650:1 to win new high quality Rolex copy watches, for example.)

Their latest competition prize is the Swiss made replica Rolex Sky-Dweller watches, which features the most complex movement ever created by the storied Swiss watch brand. Designed for the true global traveller, it features two time-zones simultaneously, an annual calendar as well as a day and month calendar.

The waiting list for one of these top 2024 Rolex super clone watches at an official Rolex store is up to five years now.

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