Zimmerman loves vintage Rolex Daytonas super clone uk for sale and their timeless proportions – “they’re classic tool watches that you can wear every day and do anything in,” she says – and she even remembers buying her first one. It was March 29, 1997, and she paid – wait for it – $7,400. She’d bought it from the best copy watch dealer Matthew Bain, in Miami Beach, Florida, where in the 1990s Zimmerman kept a condo for when she wasn’t in Connecticut, running her fitness business (the East Coast was home for 25 years before she relocated to Bend).

Zimmerman bought her first watch from Bain in 1992 and she credits him and his partner Ali Sinnes for schooling her in all things Swiss made super clone Rolex. By 1997 and some 15 watches later, Zimmerman had worked her way up to finally securing a Daytona. “My love for the luxury copy watch goes back to that first one, way before all the hype,” she says.

The 1:1 replica Rolex Daytona’s link to racing – and especially Paul Newman – also resonates with Kelly, a motorsport fan. “In Connecticut, I lived right down the street from Paul Newman’s daughter, who would walk up and down the street walking her dog – wearing his AAA super clone Rolex Daytona,” she recalls.

This 1989 perfect replica Rolex UK, purchased in March 2020, holds pride of place in her collection. “I just had to get my hands on a gold one with a black dial,” she says. “It’s stunning and if I had to get rid of everything, this is the one I’d keep.” A good choice, especially as it ticks all the right boxes in terms of collectability: An inverted six on the dial, five-digit reference and Zenith movement, one of the last external calibers that cheap super clone Rolex used before developing its own.

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